Goede Dag! Something you will always here when you enter one of the lovely shops in Amsterdam.

The Netherland’s capital is next to the sea and is therefore definitely on of my favourite cities. Even if Amsterdam’s reputation is not flawless, there are plenty of beautiful places and secrets. I’ll show you some things you won’t find in a travel guide! Guaranteed!

Where you can take your best friend out for dinner:

Cafè Noorderlicht

By public ferry you easily get to the other side across the main station Amsterdam Central. The transport takes 10 minutes and sometimes you pass one of the huge cruise liners. Once arrived it’s just 3 minutes to the cafe. From outside it looks like a massive greenhouse, but the first impression deceives. Benches and tables at the seaside invite for al long stay with yummy food. On some days life bands ensure a great vibe. The food is also very special. Homemade juices, ice tea, antipasti on wooden plates und irresistible cakes will brighten up your day! Eet smakelijk!

Where to get the city’s coolest ice cream:

Magnum Pleasure Store in Leidsestraat 79 will get your heart melted. What’s so special there? – Well, have you ever created your own custim made Magnum?
You’ll get a ‘naked’ Magnum first and then you dip it into white, dark or milk chocolate. Afterwards you can choose between 22 toppings from rose leaves to brownie crumbles. It’s heaven on earth!

Where is the best shopping?

Hundreds of stores after another. Everything your heart is craving for you’ll find in Kalverstraat and in Leidsestraat. The two streets intersect at the main square where you’ll find a lot of street artists. I recommend P.C. Hoofdstraat for a more fancy shopping trip where Chanel says hello to Luis Vuitton. Even if you are not up to buy anything and just want to look around this street is a hidden treasure. The „Negen Straatjes“ (Neun kleine Straßen) are something very extraordinary in comparison. The tiny streets lead along the channels and offer something for everybody. Small rag shops, cafes and art galleries make them the perfect spot for a day when you just want to stroll around and enjoy.

Where to go with cheese lovers:

Holland does not only have good cheese – it is actually world-famous for it. The simply Gouda you can get everywhere. But that’s not enough. The dutch made a habit of creating the most bizarre and yummy types of cheese and to treat us with it. In the above mentioned shopping streets you can find some of those cheese stores. You can have a bite of any cheese for free. You hardly get somebody like me who loves cheese out of the store again. My highlights were cheese with cocos, lavender, herbs and lots more.

Where to go for the last drink:

One of Amsterdam’s oldest bar is Wynand Fockink. And yes, that is its name, indeed. The name comes from one of Holland’s most important spirit producers. The actual bar is next to the main square in Amsterdam’s center. You can see and taste a lot in there: 100 different types of spirits, liquors and tastes. When I went there for the first time I tried Apple Pie and it simply tasted delicious. They offer more common tastes like blackberry, gingerbread, hazelnut praline, peach or cinnamon liquors but also bizarre ones like Bride’s Tears-Liquor or Don’t forget me-Liquor. Until now I don’t have a clue how they taste like, but you will probably never forget them? 😉 There is actually a certain ritual how you have to collect your shot from the bar though – I won’t tell you – you’ll have to find out yourself!


  • At nighttime I would not recommend to walk round in unknown districts by yourself
  • Watch out where you get lost (you end up in the red light district easier than you think)
  • Watch out for things they want to sell you in the streets (Drugs, Alcohol)
  • Mind your belongings (especially at nighttime)
  • Don’t eat at the main spots (on minor roads food and drinks are most likely to be way better and cheaper!)
  • Don’t take 100€ notes with you (Changing can get complicated at the stores)

Amsterdam is just beautiful. It offers something for everyone. For museum lovers it is the Rijksmuseum or the Anne-Frank Museum, for others it is the bars and restaurants. Boat cruises, shopping tours, having ice cream next to the channels – in Amsterdam you can do anything.

No matter if with friends or family, Amsterdam got its own charm. „Kom ons gewoon bezoeken“ we say in dutch. And that’s how it is – come, see and wonder!


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