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The best things happen if you just do it when you feel it. That exactly happened in 2011, when we launched the concept for our online travel magazine. Our dream was to create a platform to connect and to share our passion to travel and to inspire people to simply enjoy life more.

With Instagram, we quickly found the ideal channel to share our inspirations. Today we are happy to have a community that counts half a million people as well as to be able to inspire more than 10 Million people on a weekly basis.

Despite this, we felt another urge. The time was right to create a place which should allow us even better to share our memories. That is why in 2017 we shifted our focus to our online magazine. We considered it the best way to send your thoughts on travel.


You are a blogger who shares the “wanderlust” with us? Then travel with us around the world and become a part of the young Travel Pioneer team! Contact:


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